Kwahu Government Hospital

Kwahu Government Hospital is a district run (secondary) and academic hospital located in the semi-rural Kwahu South District of the Eastern Region of Ghana. It was founded in 1954 by the SDA Missionaries and handed over to the government twenty years later n 1974. The hospital is one of the two district hospital in the Kwahu ridge area. (the other hospital is the Holy Family Hospital at Nkwakaw)

The hospital serves an estimated population of about 235,000 people from over 200 Communities within and outside the district. The hospital offers a wide range of services, including: Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetrics/Gynae Services, Reproductive Health Services (ANC and PNC), Child Health Services (Including a busy MCH Centre), Dental Healthcare, Ophthalmic Health Care Services, ENT Services, Diabetic Care, Pharmacy/Dispensary Services, Psychiatric Services, Laboratory Investigation Services, X-Ray Services, Ultra Sound Services, Blood Bank and Blood Transfusion Services, VCT/PMTCT Services, Healthcare Electives/Internship. It also offers curative, promotional, preventive and rehabilitative and serves as a referral point for all formal health institutions on the Kwahu Ridge as well as the Afram Plains and other adjoining districts. There are 5 doctors who work at the hospital including a dental surgeon. The hospital also hosts local healthcare students from other institutions on rotation as well as foreign students on electives or voluntary attachment.

The hospital is within 20 minutes’ drive to a bus terminal in Nkwakaw that links Kwahu to the rest of Ghana. Shared cheap taxies abound with fares under 1 dollar for most short distances eg. to the bus terminal.

Electives and Volunteers students have always enjoyrd their placement at the Kwahu Government Hospital, this is because there are many tourism spots to see in Kwahu. The traditional Chieftaincy system and the people of Kwahu constitute a remarkable tourist attractions. Kwahu is best known during Easter celebrations coupled with the annual paragliding events etc. Students who will enroll during the Easter celebrations will have the best of times.