Logistics & Payment Information

Placement Adminstration Fee$180

Programme Fee

Up to 4 Weeks$150
Between 5 -8 Weeks$180
After 8 Weeks$200

Hospital Accommodation (Student House)

2 Weeks$100
Between 3 – 4 Weeks$220
Between 5 – 6 Weeks$230
8 Weeks$300

Depending on placement site, the accommodation will be a student house, a guesthouse , or a home stay with the hospital doctors. When you are placed at an elective site, we will confirm the type of housing at that hospital.

Placement Organization Fee

Placement Organizational Fee is payable only on arrival to the programme director or coordinator. It caters for placement arrangement, airport pick-up/drop-off, accommodation arrangement in Accra for the night of your arrival, transport coordination to the elective site and local support (answering any questions/problems you have during your stay in Ghana).

First days of your stay will be spent in Accra where a member of the Elective Ghana team will give you a tour of the city and a chance to adjust to the culture before starting your elective. We will fast-track introduction to the transport systems, prices and process. We will take time to let you know everything.

Programme Fee

Amount depends on the required duration of a chosen days stay and is paid directly to the hospital. It caters for cost placement at hospital/clinic including all supervision. Please note that the fees stated above do not cater for feeding, accommodation, travel insurance, flight, visa fees, work permits, airport taxes, vaccinations, day to day expenses in terms of food, bottled water, travels, snacks and soft drinks etc. These are solely the responsibility of the elective student.


Students are expected to pay for their own accommodation for the chosen period of elective. Elective Ghana has pre-arranged affordable shared accommodation for students. Depending on the hospital, the arranged accommodation is a student house, a guesthouse, or a home stay with the hospital doctors.

The student houses used for this purpose have been provided with the necessary furnishing and other domestic household fittings to make life comfortable for students. Guaranteed in this shared accommodation are daily cleaning by cleaners, constant water supply and 24-hour security presence. Students are however expected to respect the facility and keep the house tidy at all times. With this arrangement students are expected to share a bungalow and facilities there in with other elective students. This offer is however subject to availability. Shared accommodation gives the students a homey feeling, just like living in the same house with your siblings. The cost of prearrange accommodation are as follows:

Our shared accommodation offer is subject to availability. Two students may share a room if necessary. Students seeking their privacy are at liberty however to lodge in nearby guest houses at their own expense if they so wish. However, there is alternative accommodation for students who would want their privacy.


The rural hospitals do not provide feeding for elective students. There is however, a very experienced catering officer (an employee of the hospital) who can prepare any kind of meal, at the request of students for a subsidized cost of $2 to $3 a meal. Students who want to eat from the subsidized menu must give a week’s advanced notice accompanied by payment for the week to allow for planning and the procurement of food items and logistics.

Money / Bank

The best way to get money in country is by using an ATM card. You may also change money at a forex bureau. Therefore, Elective Ghana will assist in getting you to a bank or a forex bureau to exchange money before sending you to your placement site. Visa and MasterCard ATMs are abundant in Ghana. Sometimes debit/credit cards do work in Ghana. Traveler cheques are a less convenient way of getting money. You will need to show your passport as well as your receipt for the traveler cheques in order to get money.

Travel To Ghana

Pretty much all foreigners require a passport and a visa to enter the country. We strongly encourage our volunteers and students to obtain their visas before they depart from their country as it is more convenient and saves time. It can be obtained in your country of origin by contacting the Ghanaian Embassy or consulate.


Elective Ghana assumes no liability for items lost or other misfortunes encountered during off-programme trips by students, though we will offer every available support within our means in the event of such unforeseen circumstances.