Nsawam Government Hospital

The Akuapim South Municipal Hospital is one of the renowned district hospitals in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Located at Nsawam, the capital of the Akuapim South Municipality, the hospital has come to assume the popular name Nsawam Government Hospital. The Hospital was established in 1928 and sited at Ayigbe town. It was however re-located to its present location on the Nsawam-Aburi road in 1982. This became necessary because of lack of space for expansion at the old premises. The 2003 prestigious 2nd Best Managed District Hospital Award winner started as a 50-bed capacity at its old premises.

Through hard work and dedication, management and staff have over the years transformed the hospital into a 135 bed capacity hospital. The Hospital has five main wards, namely: Male Medical and Surgical, Female Medical and Surgical, Paediatric, Maternity and a 19-bed Casualty Ward. The hospital has a dentist, an Opthalmologist and a host of experienced Senior Nursing officers to handle students of Dentistry, Ophthalmology and Nursing.

There are over 220 staff who run the 24 hour Hospital care. The hospital is noted in the eastern region as one of the best in the area of quality assurance and infection prevention. It is the first hospital in the eastern region to receive the enviable “baby friendly” award.
You can look forward to having a very pleasant elective attachment with Nsawam Government Hospital.

Elective Ghana is happy to arrange your elective for you and to make sure you get the best from this elective. Elective Ghana is able to arrange electives for students to Nsawam Government Hospital and also to other district hospitals throughout Ghana.

For all applications to Nsawam Government Hospital, we will need the following documents to begin the application process.

  • You need to write an application letter address (Title: To Whom It May Concern) on why you want to do an elective at Nsawam Government Hospital.

Documents you need to attach are:

  1. CV
  2. Passport photo size of you
  3. A letter from your medical school (Dean) attesting that you are medical student in good standing.

We will get to send you the application form and short information about elective in Nsawam Government Hospital once we get your first email.  Should you get the application form attached to your email kindly fill it and return with all documents to us and we will start work on your application for your confirmation letter asap! We look forward to hearing from you soon. We are able to sort out your confirmation letter in no time when there is space. We encourage you to try and send as the documents as soon as practicable so you can have ample time to prepare for Ghana. 

When you are confirmed, we will also arrange a suitable accommodation for you. Also we will welcome you and pick you up from the airport and drop you off after your elective at the airport. We at Elective Ghana will go a long way to ensure you enjoy your elective in Ghana.

Once you are confirmed by the hospital, if you should cancel your elective you will pay $30 for the service charge.

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Please note: Elective Ghana service and agency charge is 180$.

This include the arrangement of your placements as well as other services offered like pick up at the airport which are aimed at giving applicants a smooth transition from their usual home environment to the African setting. It also includes a fast-track introduction to the transport systems, little city tour. We have noticed over the years that these little things enable applicants settle well and help them get accustom to the African culture, people, food and thus gives a better understanding of the country and its people. 


2 weeks$100
4 weeks$180
5 weeks$220
6 weeks $270
8 weeks $300


2 weeks$100
3 – 4 weeks$150
5 – 6 weeks$180
6 – 7 weeks $215

Let us know if you need some more details and we will be glad to supply you asap. 

All fees including the Elective Ghana service fees are payable when you receive the confirmation letter and upon arrival in Ghana. 

Important notice for all students:

Elective students don’t receive stipends at the hospital and rather pay a registration fee and internship fee which varies for different hospitals.

Electives students are not provided with food in the hospital so they are expected to solicit for their own funds for example from a scholarship program

Elective Ghana Ltd does not provide insurance for students so each individual student is expected to have their own travel and medical insurance.

All students are expected to disclose to Elective Ghana Ltd if they have any peculiar medical condition that may require special attention like uncontrolled seizure disorder, acute or episodic psychiatric condition etc.

We treat all such information as strictly confidential and won’t discriminate against any such persons.

Some electives Busy At Work: