Research Elective Opportunities Programs

Students who are looking to undertake research projects in Ghana can get in touch with us and we will assist them to find local supervisors and obtain ethical approval prior to arriving in Ghana. On the other hand, students who wish to take part in an on-going research in Ghana we are able to coordinate to join the local research team.  If you are keen on setting up a public health research trip, we can also structure a program based on your interest. We can help customize a program for individual needs, since everyone has a different public health focus. Some areas topics that come to mind are healthcare delivery in Ghana, healthcare access in Ghana, diseases and their causes, roles of the different providers – public, private and faith based, community outreach / prevention projects – such as mosquito net distribution and impact on malaria rates, family planning, culture and / or faith impact on disease and choices of care, etc. A lot more are the topics; pick through which one is of your interest and we help you with your research.