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We serve as a one stop primary resource centre in offering a range of legal services
to support our clients in Ghana and beyond, applying our regional knowledge of
the Economic Community of West Africa (ECOWAS) to clients' needs.

Our Practice Areas

Company Secretarial Services

Whether as a new entity or an existing player in the market, we will take full care of your corporate governance matters. Corporate compliance can be a complex legal requirement for registered companies in Ghana. MORE >>>

Litigation & Arbitration

Our dispute resolution team operate on the principle of achieving rapid and lasting results. We do not believe in prolonging litigation because of the toll it exerts on the client. MORE >>>

Banking & Financial Matters

Our team of lawyers have a wealth of experience in the area and are highly regarded for their broad experience and versatility. We provide the highest quality legal advice to all types of clients looking for legal solutions to their financing needs. MORE >>>

Land Law, Conveyancing & Construction

The property team can advise you on all your property transactions, from commercial, industrial and residential property sales. Our lawyers can advise you on the different mortgage financing options, review any financial documents and advise you on your obligations and the best way to proceed. MORE >>>

Business Immigration

Legal immigration representation is something more than standing in court over an immigration matter. We believe that representation starts from the moment a client wants to make an application. MORE >>>

Intellectual Property

We seek to manage and mitigate risk and to maximise the return from intellectual property (IP) assets for the benefit of our clients. We advise on all aspects of the creation, exploitation and enforcement of IP rights. MORE >>>

Oil & Gas And Power

ALA plays a market-leading role in the energy and oil & gas space in Ghana. The firm possesses pioneering expertise in relation to oil & gas related work in the county. MORE >>>

Debt Recovery

We provide a debt recovery service to individuals and businesses. We can lead you at every stage of the debt recovery process. MORE >>>

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About Us


ALA is unique in Ghana because in addition to providing excellent legal services, our lawyers have diverse multi-disciplinary expertise in business, political risk analysis, public policy, strategy, communications, including crisis management and an extensive understanding of the political economy and investor opportunities in Africa.

This integrated approach to servicing the needs of its clients is built from the wealth of career experience of the reputable men and women who have built the firm and work with the firm. The firm is noted for recruiting the brightest legal brains and retaining excellent staff by ensuring great opportunities for career growth.

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Serving our clients is our purpose of being in business.