About Elective Ghana

About Elective Ghana Overview

Founded in 2007 by Eric Nana Sefa Boateng, Elective Ghana is a leading organizer of premeds, medical electives, Externship, volunteering, gap, and educational trips to Ghana. For over 12 years we have worked with Teaching Hospitals, Districts hospitals, Rural Hospitals, Community health centers and Orphanages in Ghana. This allows us to tailor Electives, Externship and Volunteering programs to suite students and volunteer’s interests. To help students obtain experience of tropical diseases in a practical setting.

  • To improve the workplace communication skills of students in order to facilitate effective interactions between clinicians and patients with different backgrounds.

  • To enhance the creativity and resourcefulness of students by equipping them with the skills to work better with limited resources.

  • To enable students explore and enjoy the proverbial Ghanaian hospitality and rich culture.

Mission Statement

We connect Medical Students from all walks of life – different countries, diverse backgrounds, varied cultural value systems – through elective placements in hospitals in Ghana. Elective Ghana ensures that your elective experience is educational and fun as we are committed to rendering a stress free, convenient and most importantly, very affordable service. Since we started in 2006, we have grown considerably as happy medical students return home raving about their experience with Elective Ghana and referring medical students to us. Now we partner with most universities (and still growing) in Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Far East forming our own World Wide Web of young, exuberant doctors who are committed to serve.

Our Vision

Connecting Medical Students Across The Globe Through Elective Placements.


With a strong background in the health service and tourism industry, he has coordinated electives placements for many medicals students and volunteers around the world since 2006. He has established strategic contacts with major hospitals and medical professionals around the country which enables the most conducive placements for students and volunteers. With vast knowledge in travel and tourism you are assured the most convenient, educative and most insightful programs in Ghana.