Orphanage Placements

Volunteer at Spartenburg Orphange in Ghana

Spartenburg Orphanage is a warm, nuturing home for the lil’uns of Afram Plains. They are funded by the Donkorkrom Presbyterian Hospital but are always lacking healthy food, good medical and dental care among other necessities.

They’ve recently opened a small nursery for the pre-school aged kids and would love to have volunteers willing to spend some time and money in rural Ghana. We visit the home often throughout our elective arrangements for students to Donkorkrom and have fell in love with the kids. It’s hard to imagine a volunteer experience more fulfilling than working at an orphanage in Ghana.

The basics are usually taken care of for the children, like their meals and a place to stay. But, with limited local staff available, there is only so much love and caring available for the children. That’s why the children so eagerly await the arrival of volunteers, who can give the kids more attention and love. There are vacancies for volunteers to come out throughout the year. The volunteers’ activities at the orphanages depend both on the needs of the individual orphanage, as well as the skills and interests of the volunteers themselves. Many volunteers begin by teaching English to the kids.

Then, as volunteers become more comfortable, they can share their interests and experiences in a particular discipline, like art, music, dance, sports, etc. With the help of the staff, volunteers can also arrange daytrips for the kids. On reflection, after arranging several elective placements to Ghana, it is clear that a more permanent effort was necessary in this region in order to foster positive change and development.

Reasons to volunteer in Ghana

  • See a new part of the world
  • Share your skills
  • Experience new cultures
  • Make new friends
  • Participate in traditions
  • Challenge yourself
  • Enjoy unique cuisine
  • Change lives
  • Save lives