History Of Elective Ghana

Eric Nana Sefa Boateng (Executive Director) is the founder and Director of the company he has since May 2007 coordinated elective placements for over 1800 medical students and doctors who expressed interest in having medical internship programmes in Ghana. Many volunteers have also been assisted with getting suitable placements in Ghana to offer their services. It all started 13 years ago at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Ghana’s premier teaching hospital, where he has 20 years of working experience as an ICT Technical officer.

Here, he met up with two medical students from the United Kingdom at lunch time. In the course of their interaction, he got to know from them that, they were not getting the hands-on elective experience they had anticipated before coming for their elective placements in Ghana. Their reason was that, there were usually too many students and doctors during ward rounds which made it very difficult for them to feel part of the ward rounds or appreciate what goes on. In their last week in Ghana, Eric Nana Sefa Boateng arranged for them to go to Donkorkrom Presbyterian Hospital, a rural hospital in the Eastern Region of Ghana, just to offer them the opportunity to experience what happens in the rural hospitals in Ghana.

They really liked Donkorkrom! Through their recommendations and subsequent word-of-mouth adverts by other students, Eric Nana Sefa Boateng (Elective Ghana) have become well known to medical students and Doctors around the world as a coordinator for more fulfilling medical electives in Ghana. This he began expanding the program to many hospitals in Ghana. Elective Ghana has been able to expand into areas like providing accommodation for students and organizing free medical screening and treatment for common ailment through Medics Aids Projects. 

Medics Aids Projects.

Medics Aid Projects is a Non-governmental organization, a branch of Elective Ghana which aims at bridging the gap between the poor and the rich by bringing health care to the door step of the poor in society. Medics Aid Projects seeks to offer philanthropic medical outreach services, donate medical supplies and support public health projects to enhance the health of people living in beneficiary communities. It is an initiative aimed at exposing international volunteers, public health students, pre-medical students, medical students, doctors, researchers and global health students to do medical outreach services. Our programs includes Health projects, Health Research, Educational projects and Social projects.