Student Opportunities & Statistics


  • To obtain experience of tropical diseases in a practical setting. Visiting students get the opportunity to experience healthcare and medical practice in rural Ghana as well as semi-urban and urban Ghana. The programme is tailored to help students develop their own medical skills in solving health problems in the face of relatively limited resources.
  • To improve the workplace communication skills of students in order to facilitate effective interactions between clinicians and patients with different backgrounds.
  • To enhance the creativity and resourcefulness of students by equipping them with skills to work better with limited resources. Students will see a wide range of health conditions, some of which they might have only come across in text books. Students would be expected to actively participate in the management of these health conditions.
  • To enable students explore and enjoy the proverbial Ghanaian hospitality and rich culture.
  • Travel to villages and provide healthcare to those who otherwise would have no care. In addition, this opportunity allows the student to acquire experience in community health work and to experience a wide variety of friendly Ghanaian cultures.
  • Have the autonomy to run their own community clinic (final year medical students only)
  • Travel, sightsee, and meet locals in Small ”Ghanaian Communities” and other students from around the world.
  • With our excellent and professional team, we aim at making elective vacations accessible and affordable to all students. Our outstanding team has the expertise, credentials, and experience to help you get to where you want to go.


With growing recognition in the international arena, we have grown to offer maximal benefit to elective students and volunteers. After 9 years experience of coordinating electives, Elective Ghana represents the face of rural medical electives.

We are affiliated to five major rural hospitals and Teaching Hospitals (with many more to come). We are poised to offering the best of elective experiences to students, doctors and volunteers.

CountryElective Students (From 2007 – 2014)
United Kingdom800 Students
United States of America58 Students
Canada18 Students
Australia148 Students
Czech Republic5 Students
Scotland145 Students
New Zealand78 Students
Germany55 Students
Republic Of Ireland89 Students
Northern Ireland65 Students
Sweden20 Students
Malaysia16 Students
Croatia6 Students
Singapore2 Students